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Agency Rules: Please Read


Rules when attending classes and/or sessions

The following rules are to be followed to avoid getting terminated from the program.

Consent for Services

When you enroll into the classes at Abundance Guidance Center, you are to pay an intake fee and it is non-refundable. Please make sure you are aware of needing the classes you are enrolling for, once the enrollment forms have been completed, a letter of enrollment has been provided, that justifies the enrollment fee charge. Even if letter of enrollment was not shown to the court there is NO REFUND.

You agree the following:

I am responsible in paying the weekly fee before each class I have enrolled. I am also responsible in attending the classes as scheduled by arriving on time. I understand that I have the right to refuse or discontinue any services. In cases where the classes have been ordered by the court I am still able to refuse to participate in the recommended classes, but social workers, probation, or parol officer will be informed of my unsuccesfful completion. I am also aware that once ending services a letter of completion will not be provided to me.

 If at any time a client’s becomes disrespectful in any way during session or group he or she will be asked to leave and end services. This is for the safety of the the group members. 

The following are rules I choose to follow during my enrollment at Abundance Guidance Center:

Services at Abundance Guidance Center is NOT a non-profit agency that provides parenting classes, anger management for adults, children, and teens, co-parenting high conflict focused classes, and Holistic Nutrition Program. The center runs and stands from the clients who enroll and attend the classes. Abundance Guidance Center is a fee based center and there are no free classes. Resources are available for those in need. *Abundance Guidance Center does NOT attend court to testify against any clients or external parties. Abundance Guidance Center does NOT provide any other letters besides the letter of enrollment, progress letter (brief letter), and letter of completion. Abundance Guidance Center is NOT responsible with any decisions a client makes during and after the classes the client has taken. 

Payments: Class fee must be paid before sessions/group begins. Payment can be paid in advance and receipt will be provided. If any outstanding fees are due a progress letter or letter of completion will NOT be provided until fees are paid off.  All balance due must be in cash only. Clients who pay with check and have non-sufficient funds will be charged $30.00. No check payments for the last two sessions allowed.

Virtual Class Attendance:

Clients must be attentive during class to recieve credit.

Cameras must be on at all times unless client needs to use the restroom. Clients must be in a non-distracting place during class. Client should not be laying down or walking around durign class.

Clients must NOT be driving during vitual class.

Payments must be made before class in order to be admitted in the class. If clients will be in a parked car during class, must provide facilitator license plate number and address location where the client is parked.

Clients only have 5 min to arrive to class and after that no admission will be permitted. 

Letters: Clients can request a progress letter at any time (but may not be able to receive a progress letter if there is a balance due). Letter of completion are provided at the end of the final weeks. If a balance is due no letter of completion will not be provided until balance due has been paid in full. Cash only no checks for owed fees.

Attendance: Clients are able to miss one sessions as life does happen during the enrollment at Abundance Guidance Center. Missing two or more classes/sessions will be addressed to the client especially if a court order is in place. Clients may be asked to start over.

Cancelations/Reschedules: Clients are responsible in providing at least 24 hours in advance notice to cancel or reschedule their appointment session. Abundance Guidance Center understands that life does happen and unexpected situations may arise at anytime, clients would then need to call or text facilitator as soon as possible. If you fail to notify, your time slot will be lost.

Parenting: The parenting classes are 10, 26, or 52 weeks or more depending on the request of the court order. Clients are responsible for fees and being on time. Clients have the choice to attend groups or individual sessions. *Please refer to the list of classes on teh website. If at any time a client’s becomes disrespectful in any way during session or group he or she will be asked to leave and end services. This is for the safety of the the group members. 

Anger Management: The anger management classes are 12, 26, or 52 weeks or more depending on the request of the court order. Clients are responsible for fees and being on time. Clients have the choice to attend groups or individual sessions. **Please refer to the list of classes on teh website. If at any time a client’s becomes disrespectful in any way during session or group he or she will be asked to leave and end services. This is for the safety of the the group members. 

Co-Parenting: Parents enrolled for Co-Parenting High Conflict Focused are responsible in notifying each other and facilitator of any cancelations, reschedules, questions, and concerns. If one parent shows and the other fails to notify their cancelation, the parent who shows will be provided a letter stating the other failed to inform. Any parent that demonstrates any type of negative behavior towards facilitator and other parent will be informed to end services. Yet, if both or one parent demonstrates no interest in the co-parenting session a letter explaining the reasons will be provided explaining the reasons why parents will no longer be attending. If one parent demonstrates consistency in communication and showing up to sessions as requested and the other parent does not show any interest, the non succesfull letter will show the lack of cooperation of the other parent and the effort of the other.  If a parent does not agree with center policies he/she will have the choice to end services or resume with written statement why they will continue the classes. If parents do not successfully complete the co parenting program facilitator will add on the final letter her observation on both parent’s behavior and/or cooperation  * Please refer to co-parenting consent form for additional policies.

Punctuality: Clients are to arrive on time to begin sessions either group or individual sessions. Only 15 min late arrival is allowed, yet if there is a consistent patter the late arrivals will be discussed with client and may be asked to drop as being punctual shows the client’s interest in the class/es enrolled. Please note that rare the time facilitator may also run late yet clients will be informed ahead of time if possible. Sorry for any inconveniences in advance. 

Behavior: Clients are to be respectful towards everyone in the group and facilitator. If facilitator observes negative comments or behaviors he/she may be asked to talk to facilitator to discuss any issues that may be solved, yet Abundance Guidance Center has the right to have any client end services at any time for any negative approach, comments, and behaviors a client may create.  A client is always welcome to talk to facilitators with any questions or concerns he/she may have. 

Groups: Groups for parenting and anger management classes are held on scheduled days and times provided to clients at intake and additional information is also posted online under “classes”. Clients are encouraged to arrive on time and with an open mind. Parents must participate in the group topics and are also encouraged to talk to facilitator at the end of the groups with any questions they may have related to the topics. 

Individual Sessions: All individual sessions are for clients who request one on one session. Individual sessions are scheduled depending on the availability of facilitator and client. Center will try to help clients schedule but not guaranteed. Clients attending individual sessions must arrive on time as there may be another appointment scheduled after the clients hour session. 

Court Mandated: Clients who are court mandated MUST attend consistently and inform facilitator if he/she will not be able to attend class. DCFS/CPS workers will contact Abundance Guidance Center to follow up on client’s progress. Abundance Guidance Center informs social worker if clients are participating and how the client is participating or not participating.  Clients will have to pay an additional $10 for makeup days plus original fee. Mandated clients can only miss 1 class and must make up the classes missed by talking to facilitator. 

IMPORTANT TO BE CONSISTANT: Facilitator must inform social workers of non cooperation and excessive no shows. Social workers will be provided with any update information observed by the faciliator. 

Volunteered: Clients who volunteer can attend yet are encouraged to complete the full program of either parenting or anger management program they are attending. Volunteer clients must pay before class and may not owe a class fee. 

Personal Belongings: Any client who brings any valuable personal belonging to group sessions is responsible of their items. Abundance Guidance Center will NOT be responsible for any stolen or damaged items. 

Texting: Clients are to be respectful in not texting during group sessions. Facilitator will inform client to step out or stop texting. Such request is not necessary as clients should be considerate of the group discussion.

Phone Calls: Clients needing to step outside for personal phone calls may do so quietly only for emergency. If you are outside more than 5 min your class attendance will not count. 

Religious Beliefs: Clients in group sessions may share their religion beliefs in which they can in a respectful manner. Clients are NOT to force a religion onto another client in the group especially if the other person is not interested. Please be considerate and respectful  

Flirting: In any situation a client feels uncomfortable with another client flirting and feeling embarrassed to speak up. Clients are encouraged to notify facilitator of their concern as it will be addressed. If clients do not stop the flirting he/she must have to attend another day of group or end services for not being respectful. 

Building safety: Clients attending Abundance Guidance Center office is responsible of being cautious with hallway uneven step. Orange cones are placed for safety. Clients who wait for their ride outside of the building are to take safety measures on their own. Abundance Guidance Center is not responsible for any situations that may occur outside, inside, or anywhere near 8826 Ocean View Ave Whittier Ca 90605 building. 

Communication: Clients are encouraged to email facilitator with any questions or concerns after scheduled sessions. Facilitator will respond to emails within 2 business days or before. Facilitator will not discuss with third parties about a client’s situation without consent. 

Confidentiality: Clients personal information, sharing’s during group, and sessions are confidential.  Abundance Guidance Center is not responsible of another clients sharing group information. Clients are encouraged to notify the center if they are aware of any broken confidentiality to be able to address the issue if both parties are still attending any information to an outside party.

No Discrimination: Racial or discrimination comments will not be accepted and may result in termination from the program. Clients will report immediately if they defame, abuse, harass, threaten or otherwise violate the rights of other clients. 

No Children: Minors are not allowed during group and/or individual sessions. Parents with children 13+ may voluntarily choose on their own liability to have their child wait unsupervised only for individual sessions. If child is being disruptive in the lobby, class will be rescheduled. Abundance Guidance Center is not responsible for any injuries, death, damaged, stolen items.

Friend or Acquaintances: Clients who have a case open which involves more than one person may attend groups together yet if individuals in the case have personal issues due to the case the first person who enrolled is the one who is able to continue the group session. The second person will be asked to attend another day and time. If both parties do get along yet show playful and immature approach during sessions they will be asked to separate or end services. 

Safety: Abundance Guidance Center tries their best to keep clients safe by addressing any concerns or situations occurring during sessions. Clients are responsible in addressing also their concerns as it is also a way for center to be aware of any concerns. Abundance Guidance Center will not always be aware of all situations unless it is being shared. Abundance Guidance Center is not responsible for any injuries, death, and police reports made by other parties.  Abundance Guidance Center may contact 911/Whittier Police Department for any life threatening emergencies or for any situation that is considered danger to self, others, and community.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: Please make sure to provide a trusted person to be contacted incase of an emergency. 

Mandated Reporter: Abundance Guidance Center must report any physical, emotional, psychological, and neglect abuse towards minors and seniors. Facilitator will inform families of any report being made as it is to be courteous as mandating reports do not have to inform families but, Abundance Guidance Center feels families should be aware.  

This consent for services is effective for the duration of my participation during the classes I have enrolled for with Abundance Guidance Center.

I agree with the policies above. I have been given the opportunity for discussion of any concerns that I have regarding the series. I am aware that new policies may be added at any time and I will notified if pertains to my situation. I am aware that I am responsible with fees, punctuality, cancelations, reschedules, and to be positive and open minded in learning ways to help myself.

Any other rules can be added at anytime without notice, for the safety of the group. 


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